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Tap * Jazz * Hip Hop

2022 tap 4


Through the use of special footwork & shoes, is a percussive dance that teaches student to use the sounds of their feet to create rhythms.   In Tap, students utilize smaller musical ‘subdivisions’ (more sounds per beat) and longer combinations.   Tap will perform in the spring recital.   30-45 minutes.

2022 jazz 4


Jazz is a culturally influenced energetic dance style, heavily relying on classical ballet technique.   In Jazz, students learn more complex and longer progressions, as well as ow to isolate and move certain parts of their body.  Jazz will perform in the spring recital.  30-45 minute class. 

2022 hip hop

Hip Hop:

Target age: 8 and up. Dancers learn basic techniques of hip hop style, building to more complex techniques such as popping, locking, tutting, and breaking. Hip hop allows dancers to explore their own style and build confidence, all while grooving to a wide variety of age appropriate music. Hip Hop will perform in the spring recital. Class length varies.

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