RECITAL- 2020/21



No Appointments at this time


Photos this year are by appointment only

Please make sure you are in dressed in your first costume and ready for your picture as scheduled.

If you are getting multiple pictures you cannot sign up for back to back slots.

You must allow 15 minutes in between appointments for costume changes.  

Group Photos:  Group photos will be taken during dress rehearsals.

Individual Photos will be uploaded to our private photo album site.  

When available, each parent will receive an email to a private link to their child’s album with a password to download the pictures.  These pictures will only be made available until

May 9th for download.


·        $25.00 per individual digital 5x7 photo + digital 5x7 class photo             download

·        $10.00 upcharge for individual digital 8x10 download

·        $10.00 just a class only digital 5x7 photo download

·        $35.00 per digital 8x10 group-mate download


If we fill up the appointments in the 2 days allotted we will add another picture day

Recital News

Recital Cancelled

Dance Photo Form

A form must be filed in for each photo taken (each costume). Please bring with you on photo night.

 DVD Order Form

Will be accepted until April 26, 2020 

If you would like to order flowers for you dancer please fill in form and bring with you on costume pickup night on March 6th.

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If you have any additional questions about our classes, please contact our  Program Coordinator.

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