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Registration is done entirely online with dancers being “pre-approved” for their appropriate classes.  Pricing is based on the number of classes in which a child enrolls.  Some classes have only one day/time option and some classes have an enrollment cap.   Open enrollment begins in late July for NEW dancers.   If you are new to the program, place your dancer using the 2021-2022 Age Determination Table, which can be found on our website.  If your child is over 10, there will be a new dancer evaluation night in August for proper placement.    


Classes have enrollment limitations.  Once full, the class will not be visible in your list of classes.  You can add your dancer to the waitlist for classes that have reached their max capacity. 


Registration balances are due by September 30th.  Payment by credit card can be made through the Studio Director Parent Portal.  Please contact the Program Chair to pay by check

If your family has any difficulty in paying by this deadline, please contact the Program Chair.  We will work with you to ensure your child is able to dance.   Discounted pricing is offered when enrolling two or more children. 


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Auto Registration Fee:           $20.00 per dancer (non refundable)

Class Fee:              Example: 1/2 class is $175.00 per season, 1 hour is $300.00 Etc.  Rates vary by the amount of hours of class you take. Discounts are given if multiple dancers in program.

-Max cost per dancer is $650.00/per season. 


Costume Costs:       $Up to $50/max per costume      


Event/Performance Fee:     $25.00/per dancer - $40.00/per family

Recital Tickets:       $8.00 - $10.00/each ticket/ per performance

Costume Fundraiser: Raise-Saver Fundraiser Cards earn $12.00 per card sold; deposited directly into the dancer’s account to off-set costume costs (applied to costume and event/performance fees only.). - Optional

Money can be added to your dancer's account to "save" for costume payment from October 1st to February 1st.

Class fees are due IN FULL by September 30th.  Payment plans available.  Any class fees not paid by due date will result in the dancer being dismissed from classes.