Attendance Policy:

Attendance is taken by our instructors every week and is crucial not just to your dancer’s ability to improve but to allow the entire class to progress and learn their choreography.   Particularly at the higher levels, attendance WILL affect class placement.  Absences should be communicated directly with your dancer’s instructor – not the program chair.  Contact information for each instructor can be found on our website. 

Tardiness Policy: 


Arriving late for class is not only disrespectful to the instructor it is also a distraction to the rest of the class.  We understand dancers may occasionally run a few minutes late, however, if dancers arrive 10 minutes late or more, their instructor may request that they observe instead of participate.   This is for the safety of the dancers as the first portion of class is spent warming up and preparing the body for more strenuous movement. 


Class Policy: 


After January 1st, dancers cannot miss any more than 3 classes.  Should this occur, the instructor will use their discretion as to the dancer’s participation in the Recitals.   Pointe dancers missing more than three (3) of their Ballet Technique classes are required to make-up these absences by attending another Technique class within our schedule in order to remain in their Pointe class.



Recital & Rehearsal Attendance Policy:   


Technical, dress rehearsals and the recital(s) attendance is MANADATORY.  As soon as dates are confirmed, they will be shared providing plenty of time to plan ahead.   If your dancer has a sporting event (i.e. a game or practice) on the day of rehearsals, we respectfully request that they attend their rehearsal.   We certainly understand that other family commitments may arise in which case we ask that you please inform your dancer’s instructors so that we can deal with any conflicts on an individual basis.   Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the recital. 

Costume Policy:


Once costumes are ordered, full payment is required.   Costume companies do not allow for returns or refunds.  Costumes are ordered from professional costume companies who produce the costumes based on orders received.  Costumes are ordered in early December and the costume costs are added to your dancer’s account.   An email will be sent once all costume costs have been entered.   Use the Parent Portal in Studio Director to access your account and pay for your costumes.   Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet do not get a costume.  

Participant Agreement:


Parent/Participant also acknowledges and agrees to

  1. Permit the use of any participant’s / my child’s likeness (e.g. photos) and/or name in advertisements, literature and/or to be posted on the website, social media sites for the above program.

  2. Pay for all costumes fees in full pursuant to the Costume policy as detailed above for the above program.

  3. Pay all program costs by due dates for the above program

Every dancer must sign the waiver prior to the season starting. 

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