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 CLASSES-Performance Program

Join Our Dance Community

Forest Hill Dance offers a wide variety of classes for students ages 3 to 18yrs old.  Our goal is to provide quality instruction to our dancers while also providing an environment for our dancers to express themselves creatively with confidence.

Dance Has Many Benefits

* Improves Self Confidence

*Provides Great Exercise, Improves Coordination

*Increases Self Esteem and Attentiveness

*Improves Creativity in Problem Solving

Great effort is taken by our staff to ensure that dancers are grouped together in classes where all can learn the same technique and choreography.  New dancers are placed based on their age and previous dance experience.  After classes begin and our instructors begin working with a new dancer, they may find the need to adjust their class placement.  

The numbering/naming system we use is simply a way for us to differentiate and organize our classes. The number/name of your dancer’s classes may not have changed this year from last.  The instructors teach to the capabilities of the dancers in each class – not the number.  Trust that our instructors are best suited to determine their class placement. All dancers will be more comfortable and learn more when properly placed according to their ability.   This program runs from September to May/June with an end of the year recital.   This program also participates in other outside performances at community events and our dancers in this program are eligible to audition to other dance productions.

Dancers in Technique, Pointe, and in all of Forest Hill's more advanced levels are placed by progress rather than age. The staff re-assesses each dancer at the end of every season, and continues to assess placement for the first few weeks of the dance year. Forest Hill's staff is committed to placing our students where they can make the most progress and become the best dancers they can be.

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