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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:  All the Answers you need!

Where is ...................

Forest Hill dance Recital Tap

Q.   Where is Forest Hill Dance? 


A.  We are located in the Forest Hill/ Hickory Activities Center.  Our physical address is Forest Hill/Hickory Activities Center, 2213 Commerce Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050.   Please do not park in the drop off/pick up area.  When entering the building use the door marked “OFFICES”.  Studio A will be on your left side of the lobby.   Studio B is down the hall on the right in the back of the building.   All Studios are clearly marked.   All parents/ guardians are asked to wait in the lobby when their dancer is in class. 

How do I ................

Q How do I pay my class fees (registration, tuition, costume, performance fees)?

A.  Log into the Parent Portal for Studio Director. 

Go to the section: MY ACCOUNT to the Pay Now button.   If you want to see your full account, go to the bottom tab and look at View Financial History.   Please use Edit Student Info to update your dancers account.   We need all dancers’ accounts updated – especially medical information.  Make sure that you have put in an emergency contact (name and phone number) using Edit Account Contact Info.

  • Pay Now

  • Edit Account Contact Info

  • View Account Pictures

  • Edit Student Info

  • Add Student

  • Change Password

  • Edit Payment Info On-File

  • View Financial History

Money can be added to your dancer's account to "save"

for costume payment from October 1st to February 1st.



Q.  How do I pay with a Check?

A.  Make your check payable to FHRC.  Write your dancers name in the memo on the check.  Contact the Program chair at for instructions on where to mail check.  

**** A bounced check fee will apply if your check bounces.  That fee will be added as a charge and entered into your parent portal in the Studio Director on your account. ****


Q.  How do I reset my password for the in Studio Director?

A.  If you have taken classes before with Forest Hill Dance and you have given us your e-mail address, try the forgot your password link.  Once you enter your email address, you will see this message:

“An email has been sent to”.   Please check that email and open the message from that contains the subject line “Reset Password for Forest Hill Dance.  Click on the link in the email to reset your password.  The link will be valid for ____hours and _____min.   Thank you.”  Note – the link will expire in 24 hours. 


Who do I contact if .............

Forest Hill Dance 2022 lyrical1
Ballet Performance
Forest Hill Dance Jazz

Q. Who do I contact if I accidentally delete my dancer’s pre-approved class?    

A.  First, log out of the Parent Portal.   Try logging back in to the parent Portal from a website- not the mobile site.  Check your email and go through the link provided in your pre-approved class email.  If after you have tried all of this – go to the open registration and register your dancer. 


Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about what my dancer needs to wear to class?  What kind of shoes to buy my dancer?

A.  Please read the Class Descriptions & Dress Code found on the website.   If you cannot find the answer to your question, then contact the instructor for the class you have a question about.    The instructor’s emails are located in the Introduction to the Forest Hill Dance and at the bottom of the website.   If you do not know your dancer’s instructor, check the Class Schedule on the website – find the day and time of your dancer’s class and you will see the name of the instructor for that class.    


Q.  Who do I contact if my child is sick or late to class or will miss a class?

 A.  Contact the dancer’s instructor.  Do NOT email the Chair of the program.   Emails for the instructors are located on the bulletin board at the studio and on the instructor page of the website.  If you do not know your dancer’s instructor, check the Class Schedule on the website – find the day and time of your dancer’s class and you will see the name of the instructor for that class. 



Q.  Who do I contact if my dancer has lost their shoes?

 A.  Contact the instructor.   Frequently instructors find lonely, misplaced shoes left in the studio.   The instructor places the lost shoes in the Lost and Found Box (located outside Studio B) **** to avoid any confusion, you should always have your dancers name on all of their dance gear – especially their shoes. 


Q.  Who do I contact if I want to volunteer?

 A.  Contact the Forest Hill Dance Chair at

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