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Forest Hill Dance
Daytime Recreation Programs

Session 1-
September 18, 2023-December 12th, 2023

registration OPEN

Recreation programs will run from September-May in 6 or 8 or 12 week slots.  These classes will be during the day for  preschoolers & home schoolers.   Dance can be used for a gym credit.  This program does not perform in a recital but there is an end of session performance for parents in the studio 

Recreation Fall 2023 Schedule

 Saturday Recreation Classes

Session 1-September 16, 2023-December 16th, 2023

registration OPEN

2023-2024 Recreation Schedule Saturdayg

Recreation Program Information

*Ballet shoes are required for classes 3 years and up.  Ballet shoes may be worn for Jazz classes (you don't need to buy extra shoes for jazz

*Tap shoes will be required for tap classes

*Hip Hop shoes:  please wear tennis shoes/chucks that are not street shoes into the studio.  Just used for dance.

*Leotard and tights are recommended for all classes 3 years old and up for Ballet/Tap/Jazz

*Hip Hop:  Street clothes are acceptable.  Clothes you can dance in.

*Bring a water bottle to class

*Instructors are not permitted to go into bathrooms with young dancers to assist them with clothes etc.   Parent must stay in lobby or parking lot if needed.


County Ballet in Abingdon give Forest Hill Dance a discount on shoes and accessories just let them know you are with our program.


Recreation Programs
Recreation Program
Recreation Program
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