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Ballet Technique / Pointe


Geared toward the serious dancer who wants to pursue a more focused and in-depth study of ballet. Technique classes do not perform in the recital, so the full class time can be used for refining skills and tackling more advanced vocabulary. Placement in a Ballet Technique class is made by staff recommendation and students are placed according to skill level, progress, and work habits, rather than by age. Students should anticipate a fun but intensive class and are expected to wear their hair in a neat ballet bun.


Offered by invitation to those students the staff feels will be ready for pointe work in a few years. Students wear their regular ballet slippers, and classwork is focused on developing strength and flexibility in the feet and ankles, as well as learning skills that will later be performed in hard pointe shoes. Pre-pointe is a non-performing class to allow the full class time to be devoted to improving technique. Student can stay in pre-pointe for several years preparing to go en-pointe.  Must take a Technique class in order to take Pre-Pointe. 


Offered by staff recommendation to those students whom the staff feels are ready to dance in hard pointe shoes. Many young dancers dream of dancing on their toes, but a number of factors determine if they are ready. Age, physical development, foot and ankle flexibility, strength, alignment, and work ethic are all important. Going "en pointe" too soon is counterproductive and even dangerous for young dancers. However, those who are ready will experience the special magic of dancing in the same shoes worn by professional ballet dancers. Pointe classes perform when the students have completed their second year of training. Must take a Technique class in order to take Pointe classes.  

Dancers in Technique, Pointe, and in all of Forest Hill's more advanced levels are placed by progress rather than age. The staff re-assesses each dancer at the end of every season, and continues to assess placement for the first two weeks of the dance year. Forest Hill's staff is committed to placing our students where they can make the most progress and become the best dancers they can be.

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