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Forest Hill Dance

FOREST HILL DANCE is excited to be expanding their dance program.  We will be implementing a true day time RECREATION PROGRAM.  What does that mean?   We will holding 6-8 week sessions that will be during the day geared more for preschoolers and  home school students.  Dance classes can count as a gym credit for homeschoolers.   These session will run September-May in 6-8 week sessions.   


FOREST HILL DANCE will also be implementing some day time adult classes and baby classes.


FOREST HILL DANCE will continue with their PERFORMANCE DANCE PROGRAM in the evenings and Saturdays.  These classes will run all year from September to May/June ending with an end of the year recital.  These students are also eligible to audition and perform in dance productions. 


Recreation Program

Forest Hill Dances REC PROGRAM will run from September to May in 6 to 8 week sessions.  These classes will be held during the day geared more to home schoolers.  We will also be offering Adult and Baby classes during the day.


Perfmormance Program

Forest Hill performance program runs from September until May/June with a Recital at the end of the season.  These dancers are also eligible to perform in dance productions

Dance Class

Summer Camps-2021

Forest Hill Dance runs a variety of Summer Day Camps, Day Classes and Night classes  from End of June until End of July.

Summer 2021 Registration Closed