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Forest Hill Dance-Covid-19 Update 2/14/2022

Forest Hill Dance is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our dancers and teachers. 

Mask are no longer required in the building.   We leave it up to each family if they want their child to wear a mask.

We are asking that ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN take the dancer to the studio, and then return to their cars to wait for the class to end before returning to the lobby to pick up their dancer.   NO SIBLINGS OR PARENTS ARE TO WAIT IN THE LOBBY FOR THEIR DANCER TO GET OUT OF CLASS.  This will allow less congestion in the lobby (ESPECIALLY ON SATURDAYS!).  Saturday Instructors will not allow dancers to leave the area until a parent is visible so please no crowding. We are trying to keep everyone healthy and safe.   


DUE TO THE RECENT INCREASE IN NUMBERS OF COVID CASES (following county and CDC most recent guidelines), We will be adhering to the following guidelines Regarding COVID Exposure/Positive Testing/Quarantine 

  •  Tested COVID Positive (by any test, to include a home test)

    1. Notify us at 

    2. You must REMAIN OUT OF STUDIO for 5 days from the date of the test—this is the only quarantine window that we are using.

    3. As long as you are asymptomatic (NO FEVER, NO COUGH, NO SYMPTOMS) you may come to Dance Clases with a mask in the studio after that 5 days.  You MUST wear a mask AT ALL TIMES for the next 5 days 

  • Exposed to someone who is COVID positive (to include in your household) and have no symptoms: 

    1. You should come to class with a mask on for a 5 day period.

    2. If you develop symptoms, then it would be advisable to obtain a COVID test or stay out of the studio until you no longer are sick.


REVISED 2/14/2022

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